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AWS_little_book coverAnother World’s Song: Book 1 of the Astralasphere Spiral

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With a small act, he could kill himself…or become what he wants to be. But what if he destroys everything he loves instead?

Lycian hears sounds no one else hears. They prevent him from becoming a mage—the one thing he wants more than anything else. When he decides to perform a forbidden ritual to stop the noises, his actions could destroy his entire world.

Mylinka craves adventure and feels stifled by her loving father. A tragic chain of events brings her face to face with more danger than she ever imagined.

A world, being quietly destroyed by a group of careless mages, hurtles toward certain doom when greedy warmancers seize control of a powerful artifact from the time of dragons. Yet, there is still hope, for there is always hope.

This is an epic fantasy for those who love outcast characters, fantastic lands, and magical creatures.

UTS_little_cover Under the Shadow: Book 2 of the Astralasphere Spiral

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Once you’ve discovered your power, how do you use it?

After blocking the warmancers and their allies from an epic source of power, Lycian focuses on leading a peaceful life with his own magic. But the warmancers are close to unraveling his mysterious spell and regaining control of the Astralasphere, and peace is running short on time.

Meanwhile, Mylinka shuns her father’s nonviolent teachings and plots revenge against the warmancers who killed him. As she delves deeper into Khydgel’s seedy criminal underworld, she could find the vengeance she craves, or she could lose herself.

Power shifts throughout the world as mages lust for power, desperate war refugees struggle to survive, and greedy monarchs eye each other’s kingdoms. All the while, the actions of a few threaten two worlds and all the lives within them. As darkness spreads across the land, two would-be heroes must resist or succumb to the shadows.

“As under the shadow and over the light,
Our lives are wrapped and bound.”
Loom Song, Ruvella of Khydgel

***This second installment in the epic fantasy series, The Astralasphere Spiral, can be enjoyed by itself.

Watch for the last installment in the epic fantasy trilogy, The Astralasphere Spiral–coming soon!


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