Sionnach Wintergreen

author of romance and fantasy

Free Stuff!

FREE Clean Short Story and FREE NSFW Deleted Scene

Here’s a clean m/f fantasy romance short story:

  • Here Be Dragons: A Firelighter’s Tale is a short fantasy romance.

A cynical wharf witch’s world is turned on end when her childhood sweetheart returns from the sea.

Candle is a firelighter, selling fragments of her spirit to the hopeless and lost. It’s a rough livelihood, but she’s a survivor and allows herself few regrets. Then Tern shows up. The boy she once loved—who left so mysteriously—is now a gorgeous man who acts as if they’re friends. How can he act as if nothing ever happened? And how can she help him when she wants to tear him in two?

Click here to get your free story now!

Feel free to check back and comment if you liked the story. I love to hear from my readers!

  • FREE Deleted Scene (NSFW!)

I promised at the end of my M/M historical western mystery romance, A Little Sin, that interested readers could get a copy of the deleted syrup scene from my website. This is a sexually explicit scene that is intended for adults only. If you’re considered an adult in your country and would like a free copy of this deleted scene, please email me at: Tell me what file format you want: MOBI, ePub, or PDF. I’ll be happy to send you a copy.

I deleted this scene because I was afraid it slowed the action of the mystery down too much. Every few scenes Garland and Avery seemed to be up to their eyeballs in each other. I was afraid this was just one sex scene too many.

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