Review Policy

I’m not accepting review requests at this time, as the queue is full.

I won’t post any reviews lower than three stars. My goal with this blog feature is to connect readers with books I think they will like; posting one and two star reviews won’t accomplish that. If I feel a book doesn’t rate at least three stars, I will contact the author and explain why I’m not reviewing their book. I might do this for several reasons:

  1. A large number of typos. If typos are on every page, I’m not going to finish the book.
  2. Egregious punctuation errors. (ie. no commas, no apostrophes.) I believe punctuation is a fairly fluid thing with rules that fall out of fashion, but if a sentence requires a comma to make sense, I expect it to be there. If every page is confusing, I won’t finish the book.
  3. I disliked the book and can’t fathom anyone else enjoying it. (I don’t anticipate this happening often. I view books as works of art; while a book might not click with me, I’m usually able to imagine an audience for it and will explain that in the review. I rarely come across a book with no merit.)

All reviews posted on this blog will also be posted on Amazon (or wherever I purchased the book) and Goodreads.

If you have any questions, either as a reader or an author, please contact me at:

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