Sionnach Wintergreen

author of romance and fantasy


M/M Romance


Lover, Destroyer: A Grandimanderian Tale

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Can he build his dreams with a destroyer?

Beautiful young Elarhe, crown prince of Ayklinn, leaves his homeland disguised in rags because he wants to learn how to use his magic. He travels to a border city in the Grandimanderian Empire, where magic isn’t forbidden. But that land isn’t fond of immigrants; fear permeates its streets, and cruel things lurk in its shadows. One of these cruel things is a man who commands a terrible magic that—instead of healing or mending—deals only in death…. And Elarhe wants to rule his heart.

As a child, Kite destroyed an entire city with his dark magic. Now, he serves the Overfather of Grandimanderia. He is a wealthy, brutal dom who longs to be a sub, but he has never found someone he trusts to be the special man to wield the whip. Feared and alone, Kite tries to be content with the ice in his veins…until a talented young immigrant challenges everything he thought he knew.

Warning: This adult fantasy romance contains sexually explicit scenes.


little_BFG  Because Faery Godmonster

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How can they get together with a monster in their way?

The warrior-priest. Gossamer wants true love. But his faery godmonster, a gigantic, winged, two-headed beast named Puff-puff, is determined to keep him “safe”–even from a broken heart.

The necromancer. Pox is a sexy fugitive. An exiled aristocrat, his ego is as big as a dragon’s maw. He has no time for love. Still, that brawny Gossamer might make a fine manservant.

**This gay romantic comedy contains four graphic, sexually explicit scenes and is intended for adults only.
(It also contains crude humor, a love story, and a big scary monster.)

Het Romance

new_TIG_cover The Inquisitor’s Gift

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Will she break her oath–or him?

Petal is an Inquisitor, sworn to serve the empire, sworn to uphold the Overfather’s truth by any means necessary. Her latest prisoner is a treasonous mage with information she has been charged to obtain at any cost…he’s also the man she once loved.

Magic-wielding activist Cinder has lost everything–including his freedom–but he is determined to keep his secrets. When an enigmatic woman from his past begins unchaining his passion, surrender becomes a temptation–one he must resist.

Warning: This adult fantasy romance contains explicit sex scenes.