I’m Done With Epic Fantasy

I write in basically two genres, epic fantasy and erotic romance. I’m going to finish the last book in my current epic fantasy series, and then I’m done with epic fantasy. To be honest, it’s hard to finish that last story at this point, but I know a few people (literally, a few) want to see the series resolved, so I’ll finish it for them.

It just takes too much time and effort to write epic fantasy, and the rewards are minimal. Monetarily, my erotic romances do much better. People seem to like them. My epic fantasy most be very, very niche. Only a few people (and I am so thankful for and love those people!) seem to get it. I’m participating in a review group and Under the Shadow seems to blow peoples’ minds. They don’t understand it, it has too many characters, on and on. One reviewer loved my voice, but thought the characters drifted and had no concrete goals. (It’s a character-driven story–not a plot-driven story. Grr.) The new reviewer is just lost. I’ve told him it’s okay to stop reading it. Apparently, I’m torturing people with my fantasy books.

The erotic romance crowd doesn’t seem to be having any problems with my romances. Those stories are, in fairness, much simpler than the epic fantasy series. I focus on two main characters; the goal is simply starting a relationship; there are no maps. (There are glossaries sometimes because I can’t help myself; I love fantasy and I suck.) Because of their inherent simplicity, my romances only take a few months to write. I actually spent years putting together my epic fantasy series. Years. But the romances sale and no one complains about them.

So, I’ll be retooling the website and shifting my focus to romances. I already have an m/m historical mystery romance planned as well as a paranormal romance in the works. It’s a painful decision, but I wanted to be a writer to communicate with people, to connect with readers, to have strangers read and enjoy my stories. Torturing people with my works was never one of my goals. So, onward and upward. Hello, world of romance!

5 thoughts on “I’m Done With Epic Fantasy”

  1. As one of the “few” who enjoy your fantasy books – I am sad. I don’t normally read fantasy so maybe I am atypical. I love the characters and being pulled into your stories by them. That said, maybe I need to consider romance??? Not sure if you are going to get me on board but I do like your writing (blogs included) so I might just be persauded. Keeping you on my radar!

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  2. I finishing the series for you and two other people. 🙂 This makes you one of my muses. Romance is definitely not for everyone. I do hope maybe someday you’ll give one of mine a shot, but I’ll understand if you don’t. You couldn’t pay me to read the military nonfiction my husband seems to enjoy. Anyway, I’m happy you’ll be lurking around. I’ll definitely post here when Beyond Jairra’s Veil is released.

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    1. You’re so kind to say that. Thank you! I don’t know. I’m going to focus on romance, but I’m sure fantasy will sneak in there. I just don’t know if I’ll publish it. I’m definetly going to finish the Lycian trilogy.


  3. I’m sorry to hear this too as I am another fan of Under the Shadow. Maybe it’s not a “forever” thing…maybe just write what you feel inspired to write. Also, perhaps you haven’t found the right tribe of reviewers. We writers can’t please everyone. There are many books I pick up and don’t finish. There are many books I see traditionally published I think are awful. But I love your work.


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