Unintended Messages

Sometimes writing is hard. For me, it’s often a fun, out of body experience that rivals almost everything else I know. But sometimes it kinda sucks.

I’m releasing a short story set in the same world as my epic fantasy series, The Astralasphere Spiral, on Amazon later today. I’m going to provide a link here for my website visitors to get a free copy. I do all of this with trepidation. I said earlier in the week that I would release the short story by the end of the week, so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

However, after a comment from a beta-reader, I’m concerned there might be a message here that I absolutely did not intend. Anyone who knows me would know that. Alas, nobody out there knows me. Nobody in the wide world knows my political and moral stances (unless you follow me on Twitter, in which case you know I hate Trump and love cats.) The problem with a story is that it has to stand on its own two feet and wander out into the greater world without me there to look over its shoulder and explain it.

Sometimes you can write something and fill it with your themes, but little worms find their way into the mix. I’m a control freak, so this is aggravating to no end. I hope the story doesn’t say things I don’t intend, but I can’t change certain aspects of it because I’ve set those plot points up in other, published stories.

If you’re interested in reading the short story anyway, you can get a free copy here.

4 thoughts on “Unintended Messages”

  1. I read “Elyri” last night and enjoyed discovering some of the emotional back story behind my favourite Astralasphere character. (I won’t say who.)

    I think that when we write, we are blessed with a pre-formed landscape that has its own politics, ethics, morals, heroes and victims. The characters tell us their stories, make choices (we might not make for them or for ourselves), and expect us to honour them as writers. “Elyri” provides more insight into the tyrants and goodhearts of Kilaryi and Anjilit. Anyone who’s read or is planning to read books one and two will appreciate this viewpoint.

    And thank you for the gift of story.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading it! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it. Maybe my beta was paranoid. People often bring their own fears and concerns to a work. I’m not complaining, though; that’s life.


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