Because Faery Godmonster, Collector’s Edition!

I re-released Because Faery Godmonster as a collector’s imageedition. Yeah, that’s pretty cheesy, but have you read the book? (If not, you should!) BFG is a quirky gay romantic comedy, but it’s also a geeky homage to RPGs. So, slapping on a new cover, changing some formatting, and adding the first chapter of the sequel seemed like a perfect collector’s edition.

For part of junior high (middle school) and all of high school, I lived with my evangelical Christian grandmother. Not only did she think being gay was a sin, she also forbid me from playing D & D. Sooo, I guess I should have dedicated this book to her since it’s basically what happens when urges like that get bottled up too long. (She would hate it.)

Buy a little piece of my weird rebellion here. It’s also free with Kindle Unlimited.

2 thoughts on “Because Faery Godmonster, Collector’s Edition!”

  1. Congratulations! Just a little reminder because the world needs more rebels, more fantasy, and more love.
    And because…

    I don’t usually read high fantasy or erotic romance, but this book made me curious. It’s brief, a charming read for a rainy Friday afternoon. I felt like I was glancing through the men’s journals, sharing their intimate desires and experiences. But, are they men? Goss is a hobgoblin healer and Pox, a nightsprite necromancer. Despite social and racial differences, their longing for each other drives the story. There are giggles and gasps, surprises and sweetness. I love the telltale place names (Dirtydank and Plantarshire). Tongue-in-cheek, raunchy fare, Sionnach Wintergreen’s descriptions are compelling, and like the lovers, she doesn’t hold back. I wonder what’s next for these two. Goodreads

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