Chainmail and Velvet

If you’re needing a laugh and a steamy story of true love, pick up a copy of Chainmail and Velvet. It’s Because Faery Godmonster and His Dungeon Discovery snuggled under one beautiful cover designed by C J Douglass.

Opposites attract in a D&D-inspired fairytale land occupied by nightsprites, vampire werebears, hobgoblins, farting dwarves, and kindly druids who get stuck in the form of giant possums.

Amid the angst and crude humor, romance abounds and love, even when sorely tested, endures.

2 thoughts on “Chainmail and Velvet”

  1. I recommend it!

    I don’t usually read high fantasy or erotic romance, but this Because Faery Godmonster made me curious. Come on, what a title! It’s brief, a charming read for a rainy Friday afternoon. I felt like I was glancing through the men’s journals, sharing their intimate desires and experiences. But, are they men? Goss is a hobgoblin healer and Pox, a nightsprite necromancer. Despite social and racial differences, their longing for each other drives the story. There are giggles and gasps, surprises and sweetness. I love the telltale place names (Dirtydank and Plantarshire). Tongue-in-cheek, raunchy fare, Sionnach Wintergreen’s descriptions are compelling, and like the lovers, she doesn’t hold back. I wonder what’s next for these two.

    Turns out what’s next is His Dungeon Discovery. Go for it. Bring some joy to your day!

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